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Flashlight Films
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What can Flashlight Films offer you?

We are a well equipped and efficient video production company who are good to work with. We provide the whole spectrum of video services 'in house' and will turn an idea into a film in whatever format is required, whether for internet use, DVD, Blue Ray or all three. We do all of the below and more!

High definition films.

Promotional videos for small to medium size businesses that wish to expand within a more competitive market.

A proven ability to understand the purpose and processes of complex organisations, in order to ensure a clarity of the message.

Music videos for musicians and bands looking to widen their appeal and support.

Evaluation/documentary style films that can record the progress and outcomes of funded projects. These will identify and highlight the targets set by the project.

Souvenir DVDs for tourist attractions.

Live events.

High-quality DVDs with animated menus, including label and cover design.

Promotional support including publicity, posters and design aspects of publications.

Ian and Matthew Brown of Flashlight Films

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