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Who We Are

Flashlight Films are a media business based in the North of England.We create professional quality promotional films that are suitable for businesses, groups or individuals.

Our services range from simple raw footage to fully interactive DVDs.

We specialise in music videos, live events, documentaries, information, evaluation and promotional films.

We deliver all aspects of the film production process including, filming, commentary writing and recording, complete editing, background and incidental music and the completed final products in a variety of formats.

Matthew J. Brown BSc.(Hons)

Matthew is a graduate in Film Production Technology from Staffordshire University (2007). He is skilled camerman and an inspired and experienced editor.

Matthew’s creativity and editing skills can be seen in the music videos that we produce. The first music video produced by Flashlight Films reached number 3 in the music video charts and was broadcast on MTV over 40 times. Two subsequent music videos were selected to be part of the '2011 BBC National Music video' festival  and played regularly on large city centre video screens in both Middlesborough and Edinburgh.

Matthew transfers this creativity to our corporate work ensuring that our final product always exceeds expectations.

In his spare time Matthew is a talented athlete specialising extreme endurance events. He managed to complete the challenging 'Wall' event between Carlisle and Newcastle in just over half a day!

Ian K. Brown BSc.(Hons) PGCE

Ian worked in education for over 25 years as a Deputy Head TeacheIanr. His passion for film making began during his time as a teacher recording special events, school information and curriculum videos and presentations to be used for staff training.

Ian is responsible for the management side of the business and takes the lead role in researching,  planning and commentary writing for documentary and information type films.

Ian is a musician and peforms at many festivals each year, he has two albums of his own songs so is able to bring a different creative element to the business in addition to his effective management and planning skills.

Hannah Brown MA (Hons)

Hannah Brown is a French and Russian language graduate from Edinburgh University. She also received special recognition - The Edinburgh Award - for her contribution to media.

Hannah has now moved on and is working as an Assistant Producer in London. She has worked on some very well known programmes such as 'A Place in the Sun', 'Rich House Poor House', the 'MTV Chart Show' and has travelled as far as Los Angeles when working on a programme about the highly successful series 'West World'.

Now with much experience behind her we are always happy when she is available to join us out on a shoot.


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