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Other sites of interest: - Matthew's Vimeo channel where he uploads all our music videos in full HD. - Matthew's youtube channel with a selection of his videos plus some of Flashlight Films videos.

Little Comets - Check out what Little Comets are up to at the moment and have a listen.

Little Comets - One Night In October - Watch the video and read all the lovely comments about it as well.

Polarsets - See where in the world they're currently playing and check out their latest releases.

Vinyl Jacket - Keep an ear open for their latest slice of quirky indie pop.

So What Robot - Math-Rock? Maybe. Unigue? Most definitely.

Dejavu Video - Our favourite disc printing and duplication service. - South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society where you can get information on how to buy our DVD of "Narrow Gauge Steam in the North Pennines - A Year in the Life of the South Tynedale Railway", or click here.



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